Our Company

CHC Cloud aims to be a leading provider of enterprise cloud computing solutions, with a focus on digitalizing revenue business processes of Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDO). Our mission is to help our customers transform themselves into digital enterprises by empowering them to digitalize their operations internally and across traditional boundaries. Our service offerings are unique in that they represent the amalgamation of vertical specialty software, business process digitalization and deep healthcare domain expertise and are integrated with other platforms and enterprise applications. We sell to HDO’s of all sizes on a subscription basis, primarily through our direct sales efforts and also indirectly through partners.

Strategic Partnership

When it came time to built our solutions to address HDO’s needs, we sought a shoulder to stand on. Unlike most startups in the software space, we had come to the decision that to build in order to satisfy our own user business needs that weren’t being met by existing vendors. The technology was a means to an end for us and we had no interest in spending our time and resources on work that didn’t immediately leverage our deep domain experience. After looking at options that included open source solutions and offerings by traditional development and integration vendors we selecting to partner with InterSystems.

As an application partner of InterSystems, CHC Cloud has developed its solutions on the solid foundations provided by Cache and Ensemble from InterSystems.

  • InterSystems was founded in 1978 and at the end of 2015 had over 1,400 employees and over $536 million revenue. Based in Cambridge, MA, InterSystems operates globally in over 100 countries.
  • “InterSystems is a privately owned company offering application infrastructure … It is a leader in the healthcare application infrastructure and integration markets, where it demonstrates market-leading insight and execution.” – Gartner
  • “Healthcare services for more than two-thirds of the U.S. population are supported by InterSystems software, and we are enabling entire countries to achieve the vision of connected healthcare.” – InterSystems

  • CHC Cloud has been an Application Partner of InterSystems since its founding

  • “Our partners include Epic, Fiserv, GE Healthcare, 3M Health Information Systems, Accenture, and many more successful companies.” – InterSystems