CHC Cloud was born out of necessity.  When running a medical billing company, our founder and CEO – Roman A. Pourmand, came to the conclusion that if he was to continue offering superior billing services to his clients while reducing their cost associated with billing and insurance-related activities, he needed to leverage technology.  He and his team had already done the things that are common today, such as outsourcing and off-shoring.  However, as many Healthcare Delivery Organizations (HDO) have realized, outsourcing and off-shoring go only so far in dealing with complexity and cost control.

Using Technology to Deal with Complexity & Cost

Concluding that the path to dealing with growing complexity and cost ($238 billion in 2012 alone for HDO’s) was technology, Roman set out to buy and deploy what was available commercially.  After significant investments in purchasing and deploying products from leading vendors of the time, it became clear that a commercially available solutions to manage the complexity of billing and insurance-related activities, while reducing cost, wasn’t and still isn’t offered by existing vendors – thus CHC Cloud was born.

Necessity Drives Innovation

With necessity being the driver, innovation is the means.  With 50-years of combined experience, CHC Cloud management could only think of a single major innovation over the past 20-years that legacy vendors have offered the healthcare delivery community when it comes to the area of billing and insurance-related activities – graphical user interface, not much more.  As we look at our decade of experience managing a billing organization, it seems like system improvements from legacy vendors come only as a response to meeting regulatory mandates such as HIPAA, instead of meeting business needs such as dealing with growing complexity and cost.