Management Board


Roman A. Pourmand is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CHC Cloud.  Roman’s vision is to enable healthcare delivery organizations to transform operations across the entire enterprise, operating as one digital entity.  Roman’s passion is building CHC Cloud to be a leading provider of solutions to healthcare delivery organizations that leverage engineering, technology and innovation.

Roman brings over 25-years of experience in strategy, system architecture, enterprise software and revenue cycle management to CHC Cloud.   Over a 10-year period, Roman, as Founder and President of Avaunte – a technology and a medical billing provider, lead the team that ensured the optimal financial performance of the largest heart transplant program, representing over five percent of transplants performed worldwide.  Avaunte was one of the earliest developers of web-based and fully integrated practice management systems.

Mr. Pourmand received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, Accounting from Northeastern University.  Roman volunteers as a docent at the Getty Villa and is active in promoting and supporting gender equality and social justice.

As the Product Director for Enterprise Financial Intelligence, Roman has overall responsibility for EFI and the insight it provides both to users and our AI products, which rely on the insight to make decisions and act.  Additionally, as a trained economist, Roman is a subject matter expert in forensic economics, data analysis, quantitative research, financial modeling and business forecasting.
Roman also teaches graduate courses in Business Forecasting and Financial Modeling as Adjunct Professor of Finance at his alma mater, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.
Dr. Garagulagian earned his Doctoral in Economics from the Claremont Graduate University, his Master of Science in Economic Analysis and Bachelor of Science in Economics from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.  For his Ph.D. thesis, Roman reconstructed U.S. recession probabilities using machine learning.

Advisory Board

Minerva Butler is an experienced financial professional with deep understanding of the intersection of corporate strategic direction, financial metrics, stock valuation analysis, best-fit investors, and executive & board level communications. Seeking to leverage financial and strategic planning expertise with strong leadership and governance skills in a dynamic corporate setting.

Ms. Butler’s specialties are FP&A, strategic planning, corporate governance, public equity markets, stock valuation methods, sell-side analyst approaches, institutional investor decision makers. She is comfortable communicating with a wide variety of audiences – C-suite executives, boards of directors, equity portfolio managers, large audiences, graduate students and print media.

Ms. Butler brings to CHC Cloud her Board expertise, specifically, leadership and governance, audit and finance and strategic planning. 

Ms. Butler has a Master of Science in Business Administration, Finance and Financial Management Services from Stanford University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, from Northern Arizona University.

As a top executive and outside director, David Gimpelevich builds enterprise value of VC and PE-backed companies by driving profitability and accelerating growth. Mr. Gimpelevich’s core competencies lie in architecting effective organizations, building and leading extraordinary executive teams, finding efficiencies and creating new revenue opportunities through building new channels, markets, products and geographies. David is an expert in driving profitability and corporate strategy/M&A.

Mr. Gimpelevich brings to the table extensive expertise in Financial Technology, Enterprise Software, E-Commerce, IT Services, Consumer Technology, Consumer Finance and Mortgages, Real Estate and Private Equity in global enterprises with sales and operations in the North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and South Africa. has a Master’s in Business Administration, Finance and Financial Management Services from Stanford University, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, from Northern Arizona University.

David has a Master of Science in Business Administration, Strategy from the University of California, Berkely, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science, from Chapman University.

Steven Kamajian, DO, FACOFP, brings his unique perspective to any situation because that is what he always does.  As a board-certified family practice specialist, Dr. Kamajian has spent his 30-plus-year on the front lines of healthcare, serving the youngest patients to the oldest.  He has treated people in the traditional hospital setting as well as in skilled nursing facilities and hospice centers.

Dr. Kamajian is the Founder, President and Chief Medical Officer of Westminster Free Clinic. Not satisfied with merely setting up another clinical environment, Dr. Kamajian employed the medical home model decades before health care reform and legislated “accountable care” came into play.  Simply, he saw the innovative model as an effective means to give the hard-to-reach, low-income patient population access to not only physicians like himself, but also to dentists, pharmacists, nurses, mental health counselors, allied health professionals, attorneys, and others.

Dr. Kamajian earned his medical degree as Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine from the Philadelphia College ofOsteopathic Medicine, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Saint Joseph’s University.

Dr. Kamajian publications include Patient Activation for Population Health: Shifting from a Fee-for-Service Model Toward a Proactive, Preventive Approach with Increased Engagement, Teaching the Definitional difference between Dos and MDs, Leadership in Healthcare Must Transition from MBA’s to Doctors and Utilizing Medical Homes to Manage Chronic Conditions.