Enterprise Products

Enterprise Claim Management

Enterprise Claim Management is an autonomous system that automates many labor intensive claim* follow-up and management tasks.

What does ECM deliver?

  • Consistent follow-up on ALL claims, resulting in improved quality managing each claim
  • Reduction in the need to manage and supervise, resulting in savings of up to 85%
  • Complete elimination of any task that can be modeled, resulting in 100% automation and cost elimination

Collection maximization on claims outstanding, resulting in revenue improvements

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*Claim is defined in the generic sense to mean open items that have expected payments associated with them.  This includes value-based plans in addition to fee-for-service.

Enterprise Revenue Management

Enterprise Revenue Documents (ERD) is a document imaging and workflow application offered as a cloud service. It is specifically tailored to the needs of medium to large healthcare delivery organizations’ (HDO) revenue operations.

Enterprise Revenue Documents enables healthcare delivery organizations to begin digitalization of their revenue business processes. ERD is unique in that it represents the latest in information technology with deep revenue operations domain expertise built in.

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CHC Enterprise is a health information technology platform that our cloud services are built on. Our cloud services empower healthcare delivery organizations to transform their revenue operations. The primary objectives of the transformations are to substantially lower complexity and cost associated with billing and insurance-related activities, while improving revenue by maximizing collections.

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